Sauna tickets

The sauna time is 2 hours. Extra hours can be charged for 7€.

Sauna ticket

Morning sauna

14€ reserved separately. Reserve your ticket here.

Sauna ticket (pensioners, students and conscripts)
10% discount

Sauna ticket (children)

Children under 12 years only with guardian.

5 – 12 year old accompanied by guardian 7€.

Children under the age of 5 have free admission accompanied by guardian.

*As payment methods we accept cards and most common exercise benefits.

*We do not accept cash as payment method.

10 x card & 30 x card

10 x card

30 x card

IMPORTANT: 10 x card and 30 x card usable during all common operating hours. 10 x card and 30 x card are valid for one year from the purchase date. 10x card and 30 x card are for personal use only.