Pereensaaren Sauna accommodates up to over 40 people at the same time in the sauna itself. At the height of over two meters, you can enjoy the magnificent views of lake Pyhäjärvi. The Sauna is heated by two Saunasampo electric stoves that preserve energy when not heating. With over 600kg stone mass, the löyly of our Sauna will guarantee to give you a time to remember.


Our pier allows an amazing opportunity to take a swim from the sauna during summer or winter. During summer, our pier is open for common use even without sauna admission.

On the terrace of our sauna, we have an Avantopool which is in operation during summer. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of cold plunge even during the hot period of the year.


Our terrace is the paradise for everyone who likes to let loose. You may also enjoy our bars tasty beverages from the sauna along your visit whether it is during or after the sauna.